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The Whale


Project WILD sponsored by the North Dakota Game and Fish has several whales teachers can use with students to learn about endangered animals and fish. The plastic whale, two Project WILD books, a binder of activities, and posters will be free to teachers who attend a five-hour workshop. Only teachers who have attended a workshop will be allowed to use the whale. Teachers who have attended a WILD workshop in the past must still attend. New activities, lesson plans and suggestions on how to use the whale with students will be covered. The workshop or in-service can be offered in several ways to fit the teachers' needs; short two-hour sessions after school, one evening, or a Saturday. If you are interested, please contact the Teacher Center (701) 830-9837 or


  • Develop science activities that relate to water, wildlife, oceanography, ecology, foods, anatomy, classification, pollution, habitat, etc.
  • Develop language arts activities that relate to reading, language and literature that could be integrated with WILD boxes, Aquatic boxes or the whale.
  • Integrate art, music or physical education activities with existing activities or relate in a new and different way.
  • Integrate social studies or cultural ideas and curriculum areas with those that relate to WILD boxes, Aquatic boxes or the whale.
  • Develop an integrated approach for science and math using the existing curriculum requirements and drawing up issues related to WILD boxes, Aquatic boxes or the whale.
  • Integrate social studies and science concepts and relate them to the existing curriculum and concepts needed for students competencies utilizing activities related to WILD boxes, Aquatic boxes or the whale.
Check availability of the Whale with the calender below!
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