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Teacher Visitation/Cafeteria Plan

Teacher Visitation Process

1. Visitations shall be based upon instructional or curriculum needs as identified by teachers.

2. If the teacher needs assistance in making the appropriate arrangements for the visitation, the Teacher Center will be a facilitator.

3. Applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.

4. Fill out the Application Form and mail it to the Teacher Center. The Teacher Center will contact the teacher or principal to acknowledge the request.

5. Visit chosen classroom.

6. Following the visitation, each teacher will submit a completed Evaluation Form regarding the visitation. This report will be forwarded to the Teacher Center within five (5) working days following the visit. 

7. If a substitute teacher was needed, please fill out a Request for Payment Form as soon as possible following the visitation and mail to the Teacher Center.

8.  If there are any questions or comments, please contact the Valley City Area Teacher Center at 701-830-9837.

Cafeteria Plan

The South East Education Cooperative (SEEC) offers the Cafeteria Plan to accumulate the necessary hours for up to two graduate credits offered from Valley City State University (VCSU) during the fall, spring, or summer semesters. (One credit per semester - up to two credits per year.) A total of 15 hours of direct instruction must be completed for each graduate credit.

Step by Step to SEEC Professional Development Credits

  • Get Verification forms from school administrator or Download from VCSU website - (click on SEEC Information button).
  • Collect 15 hours of in-service credit and fill out verification sheets. All verification forms must be signed by Superintendent or designated administrator.
  • Register for credit on VCSU website then click on Registration and Course Availabilty. Select "EDUC 700 ST: Professional Development (SEEC)" or send paper registration form to registrar's office. Registration is year round.
  • Pay for the course at the time of registration. ($65 per credit)
  • Send Verification Forms to Dave Bass at VCSU (101 College St. SW, Valley City, ND 58072)
  • Transcripts will be available after Recording Dates listed below.

 Workshop Verification Hour Form

FAQ for Cafeteria Plan

Who approves the activities?
Your school Superintendents or designated administrator.

Who has the proper forms?
The forms are available from your school Superintendents or on the top of this page. (This page is located on the VCSU Extended Learning website (click on the SEEC Information button).

How do I register and pay for credit?
  • Online registration and payment for the credits is available on the VCSU then click on Registration and Course Availabilty. Select the EDUC 700 ST: Professional Development (SEEC) course.
  • Registration forms ,available from your superintendent, along with payment for the course can also be mailed to: Registrar's Office, 101 College St. Valley City, North Dakota 58072.
  • If verification for more than one credit is needed during a semester contact VCSU at or call 701-845-7303.
Where do I send the verification form?
Verification forms are mailed to: Dave Bass, 101 College Street SW, Valley City, ND 58072. Teachers should be registered for credit prior to sending in the verification forms.

What in-services count toward this credit?
Any in-service that includes a training component. Training is defined as learning something new related to children, education, and instructional methods. The Professional Development should change the way you present information that will directly affect the way students learn. Please look over the new verification form's qualifications. These in-service hours must be held outside of your regular school day hours.

What in-services/meetings don't count towards Cafeteria hours?
Filling out paperwork for the school's office, discussion of school's policies and procedures, and working on class/school schedules DOES NOT count toward these in-service hours. If it deals with planning an event or getting out information to staff, it is a staff meeting and doesn't qualify.

How long do I have to complete the graduate credit?
Register for VCSU credit when you have completed the 15 hours and prior to sending in your verification forms. Registration is semester based.

What does it cost?
The recording and special fees for each credit is $65. This is to be paid to VCSU at the time of registration.

When will grades be available on official VCSU transcript?
Grades will be recorded at the end of each semester. The instructor of record, Dave Bass, must have the Verification Hours Sheets prior to the grade being recorded. If a student needs a confirmation of course completion prior to the recording date, email or call 701-845-7303 for a letter verifying course completion. To order official transcripts go to the VCSU Registrar’s office website or click Unofficial transcripts can be printed through Campus Connection at any time

Contact Teacher Center For Dates.

When does the Cafeteria Plan end?
Registration is available year round. If after the Registration deadline, register in the next semester.

Cafeteria Planning Committee Members are:
Dave Bass, VCSU; Bob Toso, Superintendent of Jamestown Public Schools; Louise Dardis, Asst. Superintendent of West Fargo Schools; Bob Grosz, Asst. Superintendent of Fargo Schools; Sandy Zahn, SEEC Professional Development Coordinator; and Jennifer Glasheen, SEEC Instructional Specialist
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