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The New Portable Digitarium at The Teacher Center

The Digitalis Portable Digitarium  creates a unique learning environment for virtually every level of education.  The Digitarium system consists of a fabric dome, projector, a fan, a computer and the Nightshade software. The dome measures 16 feet in diameter and 10 1/2 feet high. Once the traveling cases and duffel bag are unpacked, it can be set up in about 10 minutes by one person, right in the classroom, gym, auditorium, or cafeteria.

The Planetarium can be rented from the Teacher Center at a cost of $250 per week for members or $350 for non-members.  Prerequisite: Digitalis Planetarium Workshop attendance.  Watch future e-mails for training offerings in your area.

Digitalis Domes offer many advantages:

  • Highest quality projection surface enhances digital projection.
  • Extremely fast 5-10 minute setup and take down time.
  • No need to crawl through a tunnel or blindly squeeze through tube doorways!
  • For safety, self-adjusting vents keep the dome inflated even if the power is cut and the dome has no floor, allowing for easy emergency exits and wheelchair access.
  • Compatible with portable air conditioning units for hot locations.
  • Dome is easy to pack, unpack, and transport in our exclusive Digitalis Dome Duffel.

To reserve, please contact:
Valley City Area Teacher Center
101 College Street
Valley City, ND  58072

What is the Digitarium?


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